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Whether you are an aspiring cook, someone who loves art, or just stuck on ideas for you gap year where better to start searching than Year Out Club. We have done the hard work and have sourced hundreds of courses from around the world which will ensure you have the best adventure possible. Why not check out our cookery courses and become a wicked chef, or browse through our exciting art history courses. Stop searching anywhere else, we have all the courses here so you dont have to go any further! Good luck searching.


Cooking is just one of those things you either love or hate! But it is an essential skill which you will need for life. Learn how to cook in a residential setting or on a one day course and start treating those around you to scrumptious foods. We have found hundreds of courses from a wide range of companies around the UK. From Cornwall to London to Edinburgh, all your cooking course needs can be fulfilled here!

Travelling the world is fun, but travelling the world and learning to speak other languages is just that little bit better! With the demand for jobs becoming increasingly higher, why not differentiate yourself from the others by becoming bi-lingual. Courses vary in length and style. Find your perfect language course with Year Out Club



Art history is one of those things you would not traditionly think of when you think gap year, but it is without doubt one of the most exciting adventures we offer. Travel around the beautiful galleries of Europe while learning about the most famous pieces of history. Combine this with a group of fun, social students and you get a party.


Whether you are interested in entrpreneurship or not there will almost certainly be something here for you. We have currated courses from a wide range of sectors including webdevelopment negotiation and business management.