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Winter is Coming

Ok, it's not Game Of Thrones but you still need to be ready. Whether you are looking to start a new career as a ski or snowboard instructor, refine your technique with an improvement or performance course, add some style to your freestyle game or conquer the mountain after jumping out of a helicopter you have come to the right place. We guarantee we will find something that gives you an adrenaline rush.


So you want to become a ski instructor? It’s an attractive proposition, your office is the mountain, you get to travel the world, jump off cliffs, hit up some serious pow and make life long friends. Oh and you look like a hero in your red instructor jacket every day of the year.
If your are on a gap year, need a career change or just want to be the 'best skier on the mountain' you don't need to look any further. At Year Out Club we have put all the ski instructor courses in one place to help you find the perfect course.


It's the holy grail of snow sport. It's something you should definitely do once in your life. We say only once because we know once you try it you will be hooked. Year Out Club will have the perfect experience waiting for you.


It doesn't matter if you are just getting started wanting a taste of park life or are a seasoned pro. Get ready for an instructor to push you to your limit and help you be more confident when hitting the jumps in a freestyle camp.

The mountains are calling and you need to be ready. Get out into the backcountry and develop your off-piste skills with the world's leading experts in ski instructing. They will not only be there to guide you, show you the secrets spots and keep you safe but will also improve your technique along the way.
At Year Out Club, we have a variety of off piste and backcountry courses ranging from short introductory one-week adventures to three-month excursions from the world leading snow organisations.



If you want to become the master of the mountain then look no further. Some people might disagree but we see a lot of snowboarders stuck on their arses and very few shredding like true heroes. We want to change that. This is for people on a gap year, wanting a career break or just want to look gnarly on the mountain. Ok so basically everyone.
Snowboard instructor courses will take you from a beginner level to an instructor standard ready to teach the next generation. We have a whole range of courses helping you get the ultimate qualification.


If you know you want to get started straight away an instructor internship program could be for you. A large majority of these programs offer you the ability to train and start working the same season, with a guaranteed job offer!


Get highly qualified experts to take your ski or snowboarding to the next level with an improvement course. They can cater to all abilities helping you perfect the basics or show you how to handle the most difficult terrain on the mountain.